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When you look at sales talent, you will see they have at least two common traits; an unbelievably competitive spirit and a winner’s mentality. That is why open sales floors work so well. Passionate characters hungry for success who all want to be the best and at the top of the scoreboard.

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When your account managers and sales managers are on the road and with customers a lot, you want to use and encourage these traits. In this article, you will read how to use gamification for this purpose.

Gamification is defined as the application of game principles in a non-game environment to motivate users or encourage behavior change.

Digitizing the scoreboard so you can see who is on top anytime, anywhere is an excellent first step. But there is a lot more you can do to boost sales.


Linking sales to a bonus is nothing new. A points system with which you can pick out great gifts in the webshop, however, is. An increased turnover wins you points, but you can also earn extra points with other activities. For example, by watching product and training videos.


There is a big difference between ‘having’ to learn something and ‘wanting’ to learn something. New information is often forgotten quickly, therefore repetition is important. Again, gamification can be a game changer. You will know exactly where you stand on the knowledge you have gained by taking a short quiz after an (online) training course, and we also see that the information is absorbed and remembered much better. Link the quiz result to points for the webshop and you’ll be amazed at how much more people can remember. Gamification creates engagement!

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The possibilities of gamification and sales are endless. You can start very small and in an accessible way by counting points and adding a bonus. But there’s more. You can also add different games and allow colleagues to form teams with each other.

The advantages of using gamification for your sales (department)

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