Top 10 Marketing Games

Marketing gamification is perfect for boosting conversion rates for (first party) data building, audience interaction and brand engagement.

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The use of games in marketing has increased greatly in the last few years. But which games are best suited for marketing gamification? In this article we share our top 10 most used games. You can also play a demo of each game via our website.

1. Quiz

If you are looking for a way to learn more about your audience and boost your sales conversion, a quiz is the most proven game concept.

Do you have an extensive product range? Then you can simplify the selection process of your target group by offering a matchmaker. Would you like to build and segment profiles? Then a profile quiz is the best option.

Profile Quiz

After answering the questions in this quiz, a profile will be generated based on the given answers. This profile is often based on predefined stereotype profiles.

Score Quiz

After answering the questions in this quiz, a score will be calculated based on the given answers. Every answer has a score or weight used to calculate the final score.

Matchmaker Quiz

The matchmaker is a non-linear quiz type and is often used to help the customer find a suitable product. The quiz results in several personal product suggestions and tips.

2. Wheel of fortune

A wheel of fortune is a fun and interactive way to give away various small prizes to generate leads or reward loyal customers.

A wheel of fortune comes in several variants. The wheel can show points, win/loss or prizes. The wheel of fortune is the most commonly used option for giveaway campaigns.

Demo wheel of fortune

3. Scratch Card

A scratch card is a fun and interactive way to give away various small prizes to generate leads or reward loyal customers. The prize only becomes visible when the participant has scratched the card. This creates an exciting ‘thrill’ for the participant.

Scratch cards are often printed on paper with a silver scratch layer. The costs for the printing and distribution are relatively high. And because the cards are only used once, it also has a high impact on the environment. An online scratch card is a better choice in that regard.

Demo scratch card

4. Catch game

The catch game is a challenging game in which objects have to be caught in a basket.

The game can be played by time, by score or both. You can also get penalty points for certain objects. This game is great for displaying products or objects related to a campaign.

Demo catch game

5. Memory

Memory is a well-known game where the participant has to turn over and match cards with the same image.

The participant is actively engaged in memorising the images on the cards. That is why a memory game is often used to draw special attention to different (new) products in a product range.

Demo memory

6. Code Check

A code check is a great pick if you want to gain insight into the consumers who buy your product.

The codes can be printed on a product or a coupon at the checkout. You can use the code check for different marketing goals, such as rewarding your customers, collecting customer data, or gaining new product reviews.

The most used code check formats are:

Enter code & win

A price can be linked to a code. The prize is immediately awarded as soon as the participant enters this code.

Enter code & access

Once the participant enters a correct code, they gain access to exclusive content, such as games or price discounts.

7. Priority Puzzle

A priority puzzle is great for testing your audience’s knowledge about a specific topic. It is also used for introducing or highlighting a new brand, product or service.

Participants have to put items in the right order. This can be a fixed order or a free order, such as a personal top five.

Demo priority puzzle

8. Slot Machine

A slot machine is a well-known casino game, which can be used very well for marketing gamification.

The advantage of this game is that the participant takes an average of 5 to 10 spins. You can let your products pass by in these spins, which is great for brand awareness and time spent.

Demo slot machine

9. Grab Machine

A grab machine is a challenging game where dexterity is an important part. The participant must try to grab the desired object by manoeuvring it through the cabinet.

The grab machine can contain all kinds of objects, such as products, prizes, discounts and vouchers.

Demo grab machine

10. Click Game

A click game is an exciting and interactive game in which the participant has to click away the objects within a certain time frame.

The game is often used for branding because you can easily add different brand products in a single game.

For each object that is clicked away, the participant receives points. We can also add objects where the participant gets points deducted.

Demo click game


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