Data Safety

Your data is safe with us

As a client of Ratsibambam, you want to be sure that the data we process for your organisation is handled with care.

We work with a processing agreement for all campaigns. This states that as a processor, we only perform actions with the personal data on behalf of your organization and may not use or resell it for our own purposes. As a client of Ratsibambam and owner of the collected data, you are always in control.


GDPR advice protocol

We are completely transparent about the (personal) data we store per campaign. This way, as a client of Ratsibambam, you know exactly which data we process for you. As a client, you decide for yourself which data you want to store. We advise you about storage and processing using our GDPR advice protocol. Below you find three points of interest regarding our GDPR advice protocol.

Generate your custom Data Processing Agreement (DPA) based on our DPA template.

Only ask for relevant data
Minimize storage period
Secure data management

Worldwide hosting

Each campaign is hosted on its own server

By serving each campaign on its own, isolated server, we ensure optimal performance and security. We select a local server from the Amazon AWS Global Infrastructure to optimize the loading time. We can also easily scale up a campaign without affecting other campaigns.


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