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Boost the conversion rates for data building, audience interaction and brand engagement with our gamification concepts!

Game Concepts

Standardized marketing gamification concepts

In addition to our tailor-made games, we offer 12 standardized game concepts with endless variations for a fun and memorable experience.

Why must marketing gamification be a regular part of your marketing mix?

Besides the fact that we make gamification the most fun part of your marketing mix, the use of gamification also yields a lot. Gamification offers incomparable conversions, more time and interaction with your brand and maybe the hottest pro right now: first party data.


High conversion ratio

With our gamification campaigns we achieve an average conversion rate of 67%. We are able to reach such a high standard because of our experience and the ability to create the ideal flow for each unique gamification campaign.


More interaction and engagement

More interaction and engagement. A regular social post or advertisement generally does not offer much space for interaction or dialogue. Adding one of our gamification concepts to the marketing mix creates a much richer experience for interaction and engagement.


More time spent

The attention for most ads and social posts lasts a maximum of 30 seconds. The chance that your audience will fully experience your story is small. With one of our games, your audience spends time with your brand for at least 2 to 3 minutes!


Create and own your data

Many advertisers want to become less dependent on external parties for processing their audience’s data. Gamification is the best way to start collecting and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

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