Gamification & PR, a perfect match!?

Using gamification for PR research? It’s probably not the first thing you think of as an option for collecting relevant data. But gamification for PR works like a charm!

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With gamification you involve people with your company by using gamification techniques. A quiz for a recruitment platform to test your skills in salary negotiation or a picture guessing game for a retailer to test product knowledge are some examples to make research more fun.

Our games are usually played by thousands of people. So by applying gamification in PR research, we not only make research more fun and interactive, you also gather a lot of valuable data. Providing the right context makes it easier to share more sensitive and personal information than respondents would if you sent them a regular questionnaire or survey. In this article you can read how you can use gamification for your PR research.

Context is key!

We developed a quiz for a PR agency for a well-known recruitment platform, in which participants answer questions about their salary negotiation skills. Due to the limited use of branding and eager use of custom made illustrations and animations, the quiz provided the right context and atmosphere without relying too heavy on the branding of the recruitment platform. As a result, personal information, such as the amount of salary, was shared without hesitation.

In addition to a constructive flow, in which we became more and more personal after each question, a win-win situation was created for both the participant and the recruitment platform. The participant could test the salary negotiation skills against the results of others and see how they scored (peer results). Afterwards they received tips and tricks about salary negotiations. The advantages for the recruitment platform are obvious ;-). Due to a natural structure in the questions in combination with gamification and clear context, very valuable data was collected.

The PR agency used the data anonymously for a press release with a media approach, including various content such as blogs for the website and social media messages. Because the quiz was posted on social channels, it also increased the social engagement and number of followers.

Unique approach per target group

With gamification, each target group requires a different approach to get the best results. When we do research among a younger target group for example, we often use interaction like swipe (such as on Tinder) or very short statements. After all, young people don’t have time and want everything ‘snackable’.

When we do PR research for financials for example, we provide interesting peer data so they compare themselves to other financials in the same field.

If the questions are more complex and more explanation is needed, we use videos or animations.

A treat for the eye

Is it possible to add branding to a game? Of course you can! Our games are build completely in the design of your brand or product. This is great for the brand experience and it all looks a little more professional and inviting.

Still, it’s important to find the balance between branding, marketing and credibility of your PR research. You can also offer a PR research with ‘too much’ branding and marketing objectives, which can make participants hesitant to share data with you in that context.

First Party Data

Did you know that with our gamification solutions you are the owner of the data you collect? With the consent of the participant, you can continue to involve them in further research about your brand, services and products.

This not only provides valuable PR data, but also a valuable database of respondents for future PR and market research. A database that only gets bigger with each PR research.

Get started quickly with your PR research

Because we offer multiple ‘pre-built’ gamification concepts , you can be completely up and running within a week. Some PR researches are online with a duration of many years. That automatically means an enormous amount of data spread over the year or even years that you can use to support your PR program.

In short, gamification and PR are a perfect match!

The advantages at a glance:

  1. You collect your own data and respondents
  2. Gamification ensures attractive and inviting research
  3. You create the right context for sharing more information
  4. You offer more depth by adding videos and animations
  5. You have an PR research up and running quickly for any period of time
  6. Social engagement and number of followers will increase

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