We offer fully hosted gamification concepts in endless variations.

All our gamification concepts are running on the same game engine. Because this game engine is pre-built, we can kickstart your gamification campaign in just a couple of days after the request. We add the design and a playful UX to the game to turn it in to a unique and successful game.

Process: from request to launch

To ensure that you spend as little time as possible with the best part of your marketing campaign, we have a process guide. This guide explains the process in 4 steps. In all steps we make sure that we take as much work off your hands as possible.


Request and Kickstart

After your request, we share our knowledge of gamification to get to a converting proposal that works for the target group. We'll make sure you get a quote based on our fixed prices for games and services, such as highscore, multiple languages and email notifications.


Design and Content

We take care of the design, copy, user experience and flow of the games. With our experienced team, we aim for a 50 to 85% conversion. And of course, you can also create the design yourself. We will consult you in the user experience of the game, so we can ensure the best results.


Development and Hosting

Our frontend developers will setup the game with the design and animations of the campaign. This process generally takes between 5 to 7 days. We also take care of the domain name and isolated hosting of each game in the region you prefer.


Launch and Monitoring

After we launch the game for the public, you can start promoting the campaign. All our games come with a secure and GDPR proof admin. With this admin you can manage and download the data of all participants during the campaign.

Game Add-ons

Enrich and boost your campaign with add-ons.



Rank and engage your participants during the campaign


Send e-mail with voucher and information to participants


Secure admin to manage and export participant data 24/7


Translate a single game to 4, 50 or even 100 franchises

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