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A festival summer without love is like a Sub without topping. But this year you don't have to worry, because Subway is ready to help you find your festival love!

How does it work? It's simple! If you have a ticket for festivals such as Solar or Mysteryland, you can sign up for an unforgettable date in the "Subs & Singles Café", directly on the festival site!

You answer a few questions via the matchmaker and create your profile. Our algorithm then sets to work to match you with the best matches. These matches are approved by an admin, after which the participant receives an email that he or she has been matched and is ready to enjoy delicious Subway footlongs in each other's company. Design and concept by Playground.

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Awareness during festival season

Facts and figures

79% of participants are matched
79% of participants are matched
72% participant conversion
72% participant conversion
100% made with love
100% made with love

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